Aerial Mast Clamps

Heavy and light weight aerial clamps manufactured in the UK for all types of installations

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Aerial Mast Clamps - Zinc Plated or Coated Material

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Part No. Type Image
1763/36 Mast Clamp using 3 x 1763/184 channels and M10 x 160mm x 60mm bolt
1763/37 Universal 8 nut clamp
1763/37-SS-316 Universal 8 nut clamp made from marine quality 316 stainless steel
1763/44 1" Mast - 1" Boom
1763/53 2" Mast - 1.1/4" Boom
1763/98 2" Mast - 1" Boom

Heavy duty mast clamp - hot galvanised.

Mast - up to 2"
Boom - 1.1/4"
Bolts - M8 x 115mm x 65mm zinc plated

Tilting Bracket

1763/167 with top plate for 1" diameter tube
1763/167A with top plate for 15mm square tube
1763/167B with plate for 20mm square tube

Mast Clamp

Channel available as a pressing without V-Bolt


as 1763/36 with 3 channels assembled on 6" x 2" U-Bolt
1763/186 Universal clamp for 1" diameter boom
1763/187 Universal clamp for 1.1/4" diameter boom

Tilting Bracket

1763/202A tilting bracket for 15mm square tube
1763/202 with top plate for 1" diameter tube
1763/202B with top plate for 20mm square tube

One Piece Slide & Tilt Clamp

For use with standard M6 x 2.5" V-Bolt clamping 15mm square tube horizontally for up to 15º to the horizontal

15mm One Piece Clamp

For use with standard M6 x 2.5" V-Bolt
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